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National Identity Card Online Copy Download (New Update May2020)

National Identity Card Online Copy Download (New Update May2020)

This post gives you a brief overview on how to download National Identity Card online. In this method you will get NID online copy, which can be used for various purposes. Those who have taken pictures to become voters but have not received NID can collect online copy of NID card using the slip number of the voter registration form. Or if you have lost your NID card, but the NID number is written somewhere, you can still try to download the national identity card in this way. There is a chance of success.

National Identity Card Online Copy Download
National Identity Card Online Copy Download

Download NID Online Copy 2020

NID Download Step 1 – Collect NID number

If you have your National Identity Card number, go straight to Step 2. And if you have taken a picture for NID card but have not yet received the national identity card, then start with this step.) First go here in computer browser https://services.nidw.gov.bd/voter_center And collect your National Identity Card number by filling in the slip number, date of birth and captcha of the voter registration form correctly.

Website: https://services.nidw.gov.bd/nid-pub/


If the captcha is not correct at once, try multiple times. Remember, if the server is busy, registration may take some time to succeed.

You can also get the national identity card number by sending an SMS from your mobile. Those who have newly registered but have not received NID can easily get NID number. For this, go to the message option of the mobile and enter the date of birth (day-month-year) with the form number space with nid space. Send the message to 105. In the return message you will get your national identity card number.

Example of message: nid 1234567 24-08-1992

NID Helpline: During Ramadan, the service can be availed by calling the helpline number 105 of the National Identity Registration Division from 9 am to 3 pm.

NID Download Step 2 – Online Registration
Who can register for NID online services?
If you are a voter, you can register and take advantage of NID download online. Follow the steps below to register:

  • Complete the registration process by filling in the required information.
    Log in with your card information and mobile activation code.
    Update the information in the information change form and take a print of it.
    Submit a color scanned copy of the required documents online to change the information.

Visit the address below and register for the National Identity Card online service https://services.nidw.gov.bd/nid-pub/claim-account

National ID Card Bangladesh 2020

Provide National Identity Card Number i.e. NID Card Number on this page. Those who have NID card, see it from there and write the number. And those who have not yet received the NID card, they can find out the NID card number by following the instructions mentioned in Step 1 above. Enter the date of birth according to the information given while making the NID card. Fill in the verification captcha and click submit.

Then a new form will appear. From there, provide your current address and permanent address information. When you click on the next button, a form will appear asking for your correct mobile number. Provide your mobile number in that form. Then click the ‘Send Message’ button.

Enter the verification code received in the SMS from the mobile number provided by you in that form of the site and go to the next step by clicking the “Apply” button.
On the next page, click on the Set Password option.

Then enter your username and password in the new page that will appear. Note that you will need a username and password to login to this site later.

Then click on the update button to complete the registration.

Note: If you cannot register on the above site of the Election Commission, you can also download the online copy (or provisional copy) of the National Gazette by following the alternative method given at the end of this post.

Fill in your login information and captcha on this page and click on login button. This time a security code will appear in the message on the mobile. Of course you can also take the code in the email if you want. When you login, you will see various information of your national identity card.

Download NID – Alternative way

If you can’t download NID by registering or logging in to the National Payroll site online, call 105 from your mobile. There you will get a link to download your NID card online copy or online copy of National Identity Card by talking to a responsible officer and providing necessary information and sending a message on the phone. Click on that link. You will get an online copy of your NID. From there you have to save and print the document.

Information regarding National Identity Card Amendment

1. Q: How to correct card information?
Ans: You have to apply to NID Registration Wing / Upazila / Thana / District Election Office to correct the wrong information. Adequate suitable documents for amendment should be attached with the application.

2. Q: If any correction is made in the card, will any record be kept?
A: Records of all corrections are stored in the Central Database.

3. Q: What certificates need to be submitted for correction if the father / husband / mother is mistakenly mentioned as dead?
Ans: In order to correct the identity card due to mistaken reference of living father / husband / mother as dead, the identity card of the concerned person has to be submitted.

4. Q: I am unmarried. Husband is written on my card without father. How can this be corrected?
Ans: You have to apply to the concerned Upazila / Thana / District Election Office with proof that you are not married.

5. Q: What is the process of adding the husband’s name after marriage?
Ans: You have to apply along with NID Registration Wing / Concerned Upazila / Thana / District Election Office by attaching photocopy of marriage certificate and husband’s ID card.

. Q: The marriage is divorced. Now the husband’s name should be removed from the ID card?
Ans: You have to apply to NID Registration Wing / Concerned Upazila / Thana / District Election Office by attaching divorce documents.

. Q: I got a new marriage after divorce. Now how can I add the name of the current husband instead of the name of the previous husband?
Answer: You have to apply by filling the amendment form along with the divorce certificate of the first divorce and the cabinet letter of the next marriage.

. Q: I want to change my profession but how can I do it?
Ans: Authentic documents have to be submitted to NID Registration Wing / Upazila / District Election Office. Note that this information is not printed on the ID card.

9. Q: The picture of my ID card is vague, what should I do to change the picture?
Answer: In this case you have to apply in person at the National Identity Registration Division.

10. Q: What documents need to be submitted with the application to correct the spelling of one’s / father’s / husband’s / mother’s name?
Ans: Attested copy of SSC / Equivalent Certificate, Birth Certificate, Passport, Citizenship House, Employment Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Attested Copy of National Identity Card of Father / Husband / Mother.

11. Q: What are the documents to be submitted with the application for correction if registered in one’s own nickname or other name?
Ans: SSC / equivalent certificate, attested copy of spouse’s national identity card in case of married, affidavit executed in Magistrate Court and notification in national newspaper, certificate of inheritance, certificate of your name from Union / Municipal or City Corporation.

12. Q: What certificates need to be submitted if the parent is to be referred to as ‘Dead’?
Ans: If father / mother / husband wants to mention deceased then death certificate has to be submitted.

13. Q: How can the address be changed / modified?
Ans: Application for change of address only due to change of residence can be made through Form 13 at the Upazila / Thana Election Office of the area where you are currently residing. However, if there is any change or address information or any spelling mistake in the same voter area, it can be corrected by applying in the general amendment application form.
14. Q: I am old and very poor so I need old age allowance or any other allowance. But as there is no specific age, I am not getting any government benefits. People say if you increase the age on ID card, will you get all those allowances?
Ans: It is not possible to change the ID card without proof of age. It is to be noted that action is taken after investigation and examination of authentic documents.

15. Q: How can it be corrected that the name of the father / mother has been written differently on the cards of different members of the same family?
Ans: Everyone should apply along with copy of card and details of relationship along with NID Registration Wing / Upazila / District Election Office with sufficient authentic documents.

16. Q: I unknowingly wrote SSC or above without passing. Now what is the way to correct my age or other information?
Answer: You have not passed SSC in the Magistrate Court, it can be corrected by applying for amendment along with a copy of the affidavit to the effect that you wrote it by mistake.

16. Q: The other person’s information has been left in the ID card. How can this mistake be corrected?
Ans: You have to apply to the NID Registration Wing / concerned Upazila / Thana / District Election Office by presenting sufficient documents to correct the wrong information.

16. Q: What needs to be done to include or correct blood groups?
Answer: In order to include or correct the blood group, the diagnostic report of the blood group has to be submitted.

19. Q: What is the process of changing age / date of birth?
Ans: Attested photocopy of SSC or equivalent examination certificate should be submitted along with the application. If you have not obtained SSC or equivalent certificate, you have to apply for the correct age by presenting all the documents. After the application, the matter will be investigated and if necessary, subject to medical examination, the correct correction will be made.

20 Q: I want to change the signature, how can I do?
Ans: You have to apply by attaching acceptable certificate along with the sample of new signature. However, the signature can be changed only once.

21. Q: My date of birth has not been written properly, I do not have any authentic document, how can it be corrected?
Answer: You have to apply at the concerned Upazila / District Election Office. Necessary steps will be taken subject to investigation.
22. Q: How many times can a card be modified?
Answer: One piece of information can be corrected only once. However, no amendment will be acceptable if it is not reasonable.

What to do if national identity card is lost
1. Q: ID card is lost. How do I get a new card?
Ans: You have to make a GD at the nearest police station and apply with the original copy of the GD at the office of the concerned Upazila / Thana Election Officer or at the National Identity Registration Division in Dhaka.

2. Q: Is there a fee to get a lost ID card or to correct the information?
A: There is no fee to get the lost card yet. However, in the future to get / correct the lost ID card will be charged by the government.

3. Q: Can loss and correction be done at the same time?
Answer: Loss and correction are not possible at the same time. The first lost card must be picked up, the correction can be applied for later.

4. Q: How do I repair a lost ID card?
Ans: First you have to pick up the lost ID card and then apply for correction.

5. Q: What to do in case of loss of receipt / slip?
Answer: Even if you lose the slip, you have to make a GD at the police station and submit the application form for the lost card with the correct voter ID number.

. Q: Receipt / ID Card is lost but no Document or NID Number / Voter Number / Slip Number, what to do in that case?
Ans: You have to collect Voter Number from the concerned Upazila / Thana / District Election Office and apply at the office of NID Registration Wing / Upazila / Thana Election Officer.

. Q: How is it possible to change information that is not in the national identity card but has changed?
Answer: If you apply with the relevant documents in the National Identity Registration Section, it will be considered after verification and selection.

. Q: The quality of the national identity card is not so good now, is it likely to improve in the future?
A: Yes. Work is underway to provide smart ID cards in the future so that many advanced and modern features will be enriched and the quality will be greatly improved.

General inquiries regarding national identity card and registration
1. Q: I could not register as a voter in time. What can be done now?
Ans: You can apply to the concerned Upazila / Thana / District Election Office stating the appropriate reasons.

2. Q: I could not do Voter Registration due to my location abroad, how can I do it now?
Ans: You have to apply at the concerned Upazila / Thana / District Election Office along with copy of Bangladesh Passport, Birth Certificate, Citizenship Certificate, SSC (if applicable) Certificate, copy of Utility Bill in support of address or copy of house rent or holding tax receipts and fill up the relevant forms.

3. Q: I registered to vote in 2008/2008 or 2009/2010 but did not receive an ID card at that time. How do I get an ID card now?
Ans: Contact the Upazila / Thana Election Office of the area where you have become a voter with the receipt given at the time of your voter registration. If it is not available there, then the receipt can be contacted at the National Identity Registration Division with the signature and seal of the Upazila Election Officer.

4. Q: Can various titles, professions, religious titles, titles, etc. be added to the name of the voter list?
Answer: Only names are added to the voter list database, no title or title is allowed to be added to it.

5. Q: Where can I collect ID Card?
Answer: ID Card can be collected from the Upazila / Thana Election Office of the area where the voter has registered.

. Q: I will go abroad. Can someone else pick up my card?
A: Yes. You will be able to collect it with the appropriate letter of authorization and Authorization Letter from your authorized representative.

NID Service – Election Commission Bangladesh

. Q: What happens if you give intentionally wrong information on the card?
A: Can be punished with jail or fine or both.

. National Identity Card No. 13 Again, why someone 18?
A: After 2006, all the ID cards that are being printed or reproduced are numbered 16 digits.

9. Q: I have different ages / names in different documents. Which will be applicable for voter registration?
Ans: Age and name mentioned in SSC or equivalent examination certificate. Certificate of 5th / 8th final examination will also be acceptable in future. If you don’t know how to read, you can apply with birth certificate, passport, driving license.

10. Q: Is it possible to identify duplicate entries with fingerprints?
A: Yes, it is possible to detect.

11. Q: Is it possible for one person to get multiple cards in more than one name and age?
Answer: No. One can only make one card. If the voter hides the information in more than one place, it will be caught by the fingerprint on the central server and a case will be filed against him.

12. Q: What papers are required to become a new voter?
Ans: Birth Registration Certificate, S, S, C or Equivalent Examination Pass Certificate (if any), Copy of any utility bill for proof of address, Citizen’s Certificate, Parent and Photocopy of Spouse’s NID Card, Passport, Driving License, TIN Number (if any).

13. Q: I am very poor and under 18 years of age. If you get an ID card showing the age above 18 years, you can get a job in a garment factory or anywhere else. Can this situation be considered for humanitarian reasons?
Answer: No. You have to wait until you are 18 years old. There is no scope for human consideration.

Online Nid Copy Download Pdf File

14. Q: I forgot to register twice. What should I do now?
A: As soon as possible, apologize in writing to the concerned district election office. Finger Print Matching activities are currently underway. All duplicate entries will be detected soon. Note that which is a punishable offense.

15. Q: I have an ID card but my name was not on the voter list during the 2008 parliamentary elections. What is the way to solve such problems?
Ans: Contact NID Registration Wing / Upazila / District Election Office immediately.

16. Q: Can another person collect the card?
Answer: Power of attorney and receipt of receipt can be collected.

16. Q: You talked about different forms? Where can these be found?
Ans: NID Registration can be collected by contacting Wing / Upazila / District Election Office or can be downloaded from Website: www.ecs.gov.bd or www.nidw.gov.bd.

16. Q: Is there a charge for all these forms?

Answer: No.


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