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Boutiques Affiliate Government Textile College Circular 2019-20

The official textile college admission notification of Bootex has been published on 25-27. Textile is one of the most prosperous sectors in the present context of Bangladesh. Where there is opportunity to do good things from the country. Currently, textile in Bangladesh occupies a good place in the world. Our country textile is growing day by day and you can be a skilled textile engineer to bring your country’s industry to the door of the world in this way.

Bootex affiliate official textile college notification 2019-20

So far, the government has established five public textile engineering colleges to take the textile sector further afield. Textile engineering colleges offer BSc engineering degrees affiliated with Boutiques.

Admission timeline
Application begins: 15 October 2019
Application Closing: 10 December 2019 (extended time) *

Admission Test Date: 22 December – 10:00 am – 11:20 am

Result Release: 22 December 2019

Form Price: Tk 1000/-

Admission Test Center (Center)
Z – Textile Engineering College, Jorarganj, Mirsarai, Chittagong
P – Pabna Textile Engineering College, Shalgaria, Pabna
N – Textile Engineering College, Begumganj, Nayakhali.
B – Shaheed Abdur Rab Sarniabat Textile Engineering College, C&B Raid, Barisal
J – Textile Engineering College, Jhenaidah.
R-Dr. MA Wazed Mia Textile Engineering College, Pirganj, Rangpur.

List of Colleges

  1. Textile Engineering College, Jhenaidah
  2. Textile Engineering College, Noakhali
  3. Textile Engineering College, Chittagong
  4. Textile Engineering College, Pabna
  5. Shaheed Abdur Rab Sarniabat Textile Engineering College, Barisal
  6. Dr. MA Wazed Mia Textile Engineering College, Pirganj, Rangpur.

Number of divisions and seats

SectionNumber of seats
1. Wet Process Engineering (WPE) 30
2. Fabric Engineering (FE) 30
3. Apparel Engineering (AE) 30
4. Yarn Engineering (YE)30
Number of seats per college120
Total number of seats in 4 colleges:720

How to study a subject
In physics physics, Math comes a lot, since there is no use of calculators, all the formulas have to be very well mastered, some formulas can be directly corrected and some can be used. For example, if the values ​​of two vectors are equal or zero, what will be the value or what is the value of iron steel ?, the theoretical question may be from the refractive index, which will come from what you have read before.

From the basic level of chemistry, the question will come to mind. Hard math comes less. Organic Chemistry is a good read. For example, the question may be HCL pH = 3 What is the amount of HCL per liter?

Mathematical shortcuts need to be more basic with more practice. Remember that many shortcuts, but the problem does not come to the head when tested. However, the math question will be standard.
Importer Pressure + Topic:
Complex numbers, whether values ​​are equal ?, Arithmetic numbers, array assembly, binomial, coordinates, circle equations, ellipses, ellipses, trigonometries, general math from calculus to DDX, some of the kinetic moths that had many imprints on the Internet.

Answer some common questions
★ Is it government or not?
A. Yes. They are government engineering colleges. They run in the same way as a government university.

★ Who will issue the certificate?
A. Bangladesh Textile University (Boutiques)

★ How are textile demands?
A. After the boutiques, textile engineering colleges in the textile sector are given importance.

★ How much money will you have?
A. If there is a total number of 3-5%, it will be chance, but it depends on the question. If the question is difficult, then if you get low number, like chance, it will not get much chance.

How is Competition?
A. Last year, there were 1/3 for a seat. The number of candidates is increasing every year. One cannot give exams for the GPA but this year, it is expected that 8/2 people will fight for one seat.


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